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  Automatic packaging assembly line is more and more widely used in processing and manufacturing industry, especially in food, medicine, daily chemical products and other industries. Enterprises will have their own packaging assembly line, and the value of automatic packaging assembly line is often not only to improve production efficiency.

  From manual packaging to semi-automatic packaging, the packaging line has developed into the current automatic packaging, which is not only the demand of enterprise development, but also the better development opportunities brought by intelligence and automation. It is a win-win process.
  If you want to improve the production efficiency again, you need to add robots. For example, a packaging line originally needed about 20 workers, while adding robots in the sorting process, the whole packaging line only needed 7-8 workers, and realized the sorting and cartoning of a variety of product specifications and layers. 800 bags of reagents were sorted in one minute, and the accuracy of the number of packaged products was greatly improved.
  From this typical case, we can see how necessary it is to add robot application to the packaging assembly line. It not only reduces the floor area of the production line, reduces the production cost, but also improves the production efficiency and product quality.
  With the development of the industry and the soaring labor cost, it is feasible to consider cooperation with robots when selecting automatic packaging lines. Of course, there are precedents in automobile manufacturing and many other industries, which further shows that such combination is the trend in the future.