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2021/11/19 09:13

  In industrial 4.0 automatic production, machine vision detection technology involves various applications of detection, measurement and part identification, such as battery pole detection, automatic assembly integrity detection, product packaging bar code and character recognition, beverage bottle cap printing quality detection, part size detection, etc. The common characteristics of these applications are continuous mass production and high requirements for appearance quality.


  Previously, this highly repetitive and intelligent work was done by the human eye. However, in some special cases, such as accurate and rapid measurement of small size, color recognition and shape matching, the naked eye can not continuously and stably identify product defects. At this time, the emergence of automatic visual inspection equipment has brought a new dawn to the manufacturing industry.
  With the intensification of industry competition, manufacturers are not even allowed to have 0.1% defects in product quality control. Therefore, in order to ensure 100% inspection qualification rate (i.e. "zero defects"), ensure the stability of product quality and the continuous and stable growth of product competitiveness, manufacturers need to find better methods to detect defects, Machine vision detection is the best method at present.
  Machine vision detection is the most advanced detection technology currently applied to product appearance defect detection and quality detection. The captured target is converted into image signal through machine vision products (i.e. image pickup device, divided into CMOS and CCD), which is transmitted to a special image processing system, and transformed into digital signal according to pixel distribution, brightness, color and other information; The image system performs various operations on these signals to extract the characteristics of the target, and then controls the on-site equipment action according to the discrimination results.
  On the automatic production line of products, the similar highly repetitive and intelligent work of product quality inspection also depends on manual inspection. Such measurement and judgment will not only produce errors and errors due to fatigue and differences between individuals, which can not guarantee the qualification rate of inspected products (i.e. "zero defects"), but also increase huge labor costs to enterprises. The detection system of machine vision technology can automatically detect the whole product with high precision, high efficiency and high stability, which is also very important for product quality control and ensuring product quality, and can also save labor costs for enterprises.
  It is precisely because machine vision detection has many advantages above, and has strong applicability and high flexibility to adapt to various harsh environments such as vibration, humidity and dust. It has the advantages of simple maintenance, low technical requirements for operators and long service life. It is widely used in the field of industrial production. For enterprises, it not only ensures the stability of product quality, but also improves product competitiveness.